Tai Chi/Chi Kung Class Schedule

Chi Kung (QIGUNG)

For thousands of years, Chinese have been practicing Chi Kung (Cultivation of Energy) for health, longevity, balance, and mental clarity. Postures vary from one school to another, but the premise of combining simple movements with specific breathing patterns enables the practitioner to enjoy the full benefit of these postures regardless of age or physical ability.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi, literally translated as Grand Ultimate Fist, was propagated throughout China over 800 years ago as a way for accomplished martial artists to supplement their training. Over the centuries, practitioners discovered they were less prone to disease and chronic illness, and enjoyed a better quality of life in their later years.

Since the mid-20th century, countless medical studies around the world have documented the health benefits of Tai Chi. Tai Chi practice has been credited with alleviating back, knee and arthritis pain, increasing balance, improving strength, muscle tone and bone density, and reducing stress and all the symptoms that go along with it. More focused studies showed that the slow, circular movements assisted in everything from recovery after stroke, improved quality of life during and after cancer treatment, and a better night's sleep to those suffering from insomnia.

The Seattle Chinese Shaolin Center combines low-impact warm-ups and Chi Kung postures to engage the entire body prior to starting the Tai Chi form. The adult classes are open to all fitness levels and physical abilities. Join us weekday mornings to revitalize and re-energize your mental, physical and spiritual health.

For more information about these and other styles of Kung Fu taught within the Shaolin Art, please come by and visit one of our Chinese Shaolin Centers, during class hours.

Class Times


Monday - Thursday: 10am-11:15am


Beginners: Monday and Friday

Advanced:  Wednesday



Class Fees

Rates are the same for day and evening classes. Classes can be interchanged.

Drop in $15/class
Punch card (8 classes) $75
Month-to-Month $135
3 Month Membership $365

Seniors (age 55 and over) get 25% off all regular class rates (does not include special seminars/festivals).

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