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Shaolin Temple

Excerpts From Our Satisfied Student

Adult and Teen Kung Fu

“My fiancé and I joined the school in early 2009. Doing kung fu together has been both a bonding experience and highly entertaining. The welcoming, light-hearted environment pushes us to become better athletes and martial artists, not by ever making us feel bad about ourselves or our abilities, but by showing us what we can achieve with dedicated practice. Five years in, we’ve come so far and are so proud of our accomplishments and all the cool stuff we can do – and still we feel like we’ve only barely scratched the surface. We are continually excited to keep learning and improving.”

Kids Kung Fu

“Our sons started taking Kung Fu and Tai Chi lessons at the Shaolin Center of Seattle many years ago and now our entire family is taking lessons. We have found the environment to be very friendly and mutually supportive. Everyone helps everyone else to improve their skills. Personally, I won’t exercise for the sake of exercising (too boring), but if I am learning a useful skill as I exercise then that is a different matter. That makes these classes ideal for me. I get a good workout while mastering martial art skills that could prove useful someday, as well as internal skills that I apply daily to reduce stress and keep my energy level up. I should mention this school caters to all ages, from very young to us older folk (I am 60). My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier in life. I hope you don’t make the same mistake. Check us out.”

Tai Chi

“When I first began tai chi I was coming off a long illness which had left mw physically weak. In a matter of a few weeks I was more energetic, flexible, and stronger. I was able to begin other forms of exercise. Despite that I enjoy tai chi the most. I can't recommend these classes any higher.”