Ch’I Hsing Chien

7 Star Straightsword
Saturday, July 18th, 11AM-2PM

Suang Tie Pa Chie Tao Can Se Liu Se

Double Butterfly 8 Slashes Sword
Sat, Aug 1st, 11AM-2PM


Brown Belt Test

Saturday, August 22nd, 11AM-1PM

Pretest August 5th, 7pm for internal (sash)
Pretest August 6th, 7pm for external (belt)

Monthly Study

Advanced Black Belts July Study

Zui Qiang (con’t)
Drunken Spear

Black Belts July Study

Tian Da Shuang Hu Tou Gau
Double Tiger Hooksword Shakes the Heavens

Brown Belts July Study

Guan Gong Dao
General Guan’s Long Knife

Advanced Black Belts August Study

Jiu Jie Shen Bian
9 Sectional Whip Form

Black Belts August Study

Chuan Yang Jian
Skewer the Sun Straightsword

Brown Belts August Study

Ye Zhan Ba Fang Dao
8 Directional Night Battle Broadsword