Seminars and Events

Seminars, tests, parties


All of our upcoming seminars

Èr Jié Gùn Quán & Tiān Dá Shuāng Èr Jié Gùn
Single & Double Nunchaku Linkage Forms
Saturday, September 14th, 11am-2pm

Tang Lang Tze Tzu
Preying Mantis Strikes Out
Saturday, October 5th, 11am-2pm

Tang Lang Tze Tzu
Single & Chan (Zen) Breath After Birth/Chi Kung Training
Saturday, October 26th, 11am-2pm

Yi Jin Jing/San He
49 Posture Muscle Tendon Change Classic
Saturday, November 16th, 11am-2pm

Xian Tian Chi
Breath Before Birth – Taoist Mediation
Saturday, December 7th, 11AM-3PM

Tests and Pre-Tests

Brown and black belt tests and pre-tests

Brown Belt & Sash Test
Lunch and movie to follow!
Saturday, December 21st , 11AM-12PM
Internal: Wednesday, December 4th, 7pm
External: Thursday, December 5th at 7pm

Monthly Study

Brown and black belt monthly study


Advanced Black Belt
8 Drunken Immortals Lan Caihe (con’t)

Black Belt
Outdoor Weapons Conditioning

Brown Belts
Shaolin Niao Luo Tian/Zhan Yu
Shaolin Bird Descends from Heaven/Spreads the Wings


Advanced Black Belts
Er Lu Hua Quan
2nd Road of Hua Fist

Black Belt
Hei Hu Fan Shen
Black Tiger Flips the Body

Brown Belts
Shaolin Niao Yan Ge
Shaolin Bird Performs as Dove


Advanced Black Belts
Yang Jia Qiang
Yang Family Spear

Black Belts
Hei Hu Shou Shang
Black Tiger Wounded

Brown Belts
Lian Wu Zhang
5 Directional Palm, Shantung Whirling Palm System


Advanced Black Belts
Zui Ba Xian Li Tie Guai
8 Drunken Immortals – Li Tieguai (con’t)

Black Belts
Ba Gua Zhang
8 Changes of the Palm (sections 1-3)
(with iron rings and weight vests)

Brown Belts
Tie Chi Quan
Iron Rule Fist (Double Sai Form)