Seminars and Events

Seminars, tests, parties


All of our upcoming seminars

Yi Jin Jing 
Muscle-Tendon Change Classic
Saturday, May 18th , 11AM-2PM

Swoop Down Swallow Dagger and Double Nunchaku
Saturday, June 22nd , 11AM-2PM

Yin/Yang Stretching & Conditioning
Positive and Negative Training
Saturday, July 13th, 11am-2pm

Shaolin Chin Lung Tao
Green Dragon Broadsword
Saturday, Aug 3rd , 11AM-3PM

Tests and Pre-Tests

Brown and black belt tests and pre-tests

Brown Belt Test & Sash
BBQ to follow!
Sat, Aug 24th , 11AM-12PM IN BITTER LAKE PARK
Internal: Wednesday, Aug 7th, 7pm
External: Thursday, Aug 8th at 7pm

Monthly Study

Brown and black belt monthly study


Advanced Black Belt
Pang Long Bang
Entwine the Dragon Staff

Black Belt
Tai Chi Sparring
With blindfolds

Brown Belts
Hai Long Zhang
Sea Dragon Cane


Advanced Black Belts
Mei Hua Qiang
Plum Flower Spear

Black Belt
Qiang Hsu Liang Hsi
Practice of Spear Fighting Techniques

Brown Belts
Si Mian Ba Fang Gun
4 Faces 8 Directions Single-Ended Staff


Advanced Black Belts
Yang Jia Qiang
Yang Family Spear

Black Belts
Luo Chia Qiang
Luo Family Spear

Brown Belts
Guan Gong Dao
General Guan’s Long Knife


Advanced Black Belts
Zui Ba Xian Lan Cai He
8 Drunken Immortals Lan Caihe

Black Belts
Xing Yi Wu Xing Lian Huan Quan
Hsing I Linkage Form

Brown Belts
Ye Zhan Ba Fang Dao
8 Directional Night Battle Broadsword